Access Criteria

All authorized users shall have access: Authorized users are persons with a verified connection to a participating institution. Users shall be granted access through control of the IP-number or domain name of the institution, regardless if it is located in one or more geographic location. If the agreement limits the number of concurrent users, it should be possible to expand the number associated with course training for users.

Walk-in use: Visitors who have permission to use the institution's public computers shall have access to the resource.

Remote use: Authorized users shall have the right to access the resource from the home office and elsewhere. Authorized users who are temporarily staying at other institutions shall be entitled to access.

Archival Rights (Perpetual use): The supplier shall have an archiving policy that will be described in the agreement. The supplier should guarantee access to the resource content for the period paid for, even after the termination of the agreement unless otherwise clearly agreed, or the resource's character is such that the criterion can not apply (database resource, encyclopedia resource etc). It should be explained how the access will occur, any costs associated with it and what it is that is covered by the supply. All access should work without any software other than standard browsers, and reading programs for standard formats such as pdf.

Technical criteria: There shall be integration possibilities with the institution's own library system, e.g. in the form of delivery of title lists on the specified format for import to the library system, and follow-up with periodic updates of the content. The supplier shall define whether the resource is compatible with/follows the standard OpenURL.

Support: Necessary support shall be maintained by the supplier as a service to the individual participating institutions.

All information should be accessible via web interface: There shall be no need to install additional software other than the default browser and reading programs for standard formats.

Guaranteed uptime: Suppliers must ensure (approximate) continuous access to the resource throughout the entire contract period.

Electronic publishing (e-only): Electronic versions shall be available no later than the printed editions.


Use of services

Interlibrary loan (ILL) Interlibrary loan shall be allowed. At a minimum, copies of articles should be printable and forwardable by mail or fax. It shall also be permitted, via secure electronic transfer software such as Ariel, to other public libraries including foreign libraries.

Copying: Shall be allowed for authorized users to electronically copy individual items from the resource for personal use. The contents of the resource should be used in course packs and for educational purposes for authorized users.

Transfer titles: Publisher shall follow the guidelines from The Transfer Code of Practice

Usage Statistics: Suppliers shall deliver statistics to each institution's use directly, preferably via a web interface. Suppliers shall deliver aggregated statistics on the use of the CRIStin consortium usage. Usage is to be calculated per database unit and per unit time (e.g. months). Statistics for e-journals and e-books shall be on title level and the statistics should be provided in accordance with the COUNTER standard.


Other conditions

Contract duration: The contract period shall be specified in the contract, which generally follow the calendar year. The agreement shall also contain a "drop-out clause" that specifies whether the institution may withdraw from the agreement by entering into multi-year agreements.

Billing: Billing can be done directly through the contractor, through CRIStin or through an agent.

In accordance with Norwegian law agreement with the supplier should not limit the rights you have by Norwegian law. CRIStin shall provide for judicial review of the agreement to ensure that it is in accordance with Norwegian law. It is an objective that any disputes should be settled by Norwegian law.


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