CUP: Buying ebooks the smart way using Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA)

The Cambridge EBA is an affordable way to deliver access to the full catalogue of Cambridge University Press published titles and helps institutions buy titles that are actually used. 

After the EBA term is completed, libraries use real usage data to develop their own evidence based approach to the selection of titles for purchase.


Key features of the Cambridge EBA

  • Tiered pricing (based on journals banding/FTE) with Unit 5% discount off standard rates
  • 12 month or 3 year terms available (with further 20% discount for 3 year term)
  • Flexible start date, start any time before September 2019
  • EBAs invoiced in 2018 will lock in 2018 ebook pricing, even if the EBA access period starts in 2019
  • Choose the full collection or select a smaller, subject or product based, collection
  • No automatic purchase or obligation to buy just the most used titles – you retain complete control over what titles are selected for purchase


How the Cambridge EBA works

Step 1: EBA term & deposit

Library selects 12 month or multi-year EBA for access to the full collection (all content on Cambridge Core*), subject collections (HSS/STM), Cambridge Journals Digital Archive, Cambridge Companions Online, Cambridge Histories Online – or a combination of these options

Institution pays deposit (valued at a fraction of the value of content available)


Step 2: Access

Access to the selected content is opened and usage is tracked

The Cambridge University Press administration team will send regular usage updates and details of any newly added content during the EBA term


Step 3: Decision

Library is given final usage report along with details of usage trends, facts, and figures

Library uses data to select titles for purchase in perpetuity up to the deposit amount. If the library would like to purchase additional titles after the deposit value has been reached they can make additional payments or opt to run their EBA for additional terms.


More information

For pricing information, if you have any specific questions about using the Cambridge EBA, or would like to place an order, please contact your Cambridge sales representative Agathe Hahn. We also have a helpful EBA FAQ available on the Cambridge blog with more information about how the Cambridge EBA works.

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